What devices are supported?

• We support Apple Devices running iOS 5 or higher and any Android devices running Android Version 2.0.1 or higher, including Amazon Kindle devices.

I cannot find QD3 in my playstore. Why not?

• If you cannot find QD3 on your playstore, it is due to the fact that QD3 will not run on your device. More than likely, if your device can't run the game, it is due to a lack of memory and/or the device's graphics processing capabilities not being strong enough. Unfortunately, we cannot do much to fix this issue from our end. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

If I get a new phone or device, is there any way I can preserve my progress?

• Yes! The first time you played QD3 on your old device, you created an account with us by inputting an email address and password. You can use that information to restore your progress on your new device. When you sign into your account with your email address and password while connected to the internet or Wi-Fi, QD3 will download your progress.


How many lives do I get?

• You can have up to 5 lives. Each time you do not successfully complete a level, you will lose 1 life. Lives regenerate at a rate of 1 life every 30 minutes. Once you are out of lives, you need to wait for them to recharge. You can also ask friends for more, purchase a life refill from the store, or increase your life capacity with the purchases of permanent lives from the in-game store up to 5 times.

What are Tairin?

• Tairin are an in-game currency only purchasable through your app store's in-app purchase system. You may purchase Tairin to buy items that are not available to purchase with coins, and you may use them instead of coins on certain purchases.

How many levels are there?

• There are currently 37 levels. We will be updating with more levels as soon as we are able to. Our goal is to release roughly 40 new levels, along with other new modes, power-ups, constellations, stories and other features on a regular basis.

How do I gain points? What happens when I get more stars?

• You gain points by making matches and getting combos. As you get larger combos, you also get more points. The stars trigger finishers on certain levels allowing you to gain even more points!

Matching horizontally and vertically seems so restrictive in a 3D game.

• You are actually able to tap and swap planets in any direction (vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and internally) of each planet if there is a planet there to swap with! That makes 26 potential moves on each planet you can make, provided that the planet is surrounded by other planets. This includes internal matching so if you can tap one planet and an adjacent planet, you can swap it.

How do I rotate the cluster?

• Swipe up, down, left or right outside the cluster to rotate it.

What game modes are available right now?

Currently, QD3 has five game modes:

  • Score – Get at least 1 Star to complete the level
  • Collection – Complete matches using the colors shown at the bottom of the screen. There is are counters that will tell you how many of each color you have gotten so far. Once a collection goal has been completed the respective color will glow
  • Moves – Levels that have unlimited time but limited moves
  • Time – Levels that have unlimited moves but limited time
  • Keep the fire in the cluster – Your goal is to keep the flaming planet within the cluster. It will travel down the cluster one space per successful match you make so you have to be careful not to match beneath a flaming planet or you may eliminate the planets that will keep you alive.

These modes can also be mixed and matched with the exception of moves and time, allowing for near infinite unique experiences.

I saw something that wasn't a planet in the cluster of planets! What is it?

  • By matching 6 planets, you get a Quasar. The Quasar eliminates planets in a straight line up/down and left/right.
  • By matching 5 or more planets in a straight line, you get an AntiMatter. The Antimatter eliminates the planets immediately around it.

Both of these power-ups may only be detonated by the player choosing the power-up and making a match with two of any color or if they are hit by another power-up.

What power-ups are available?

  • Kudonian Ship – this power-up allows you to clear one planet, with the exception of a flaming planet on Fire specific levels. This allows a clever player to cause a chain reaction of a large number of matches by utilizing it properly.
  • Healing planet – using this power-up will let you remove any ailments from a planet such as being on fire or targeted by the Arcqillians.
  • Time Bender – this gives you an additional 5 moves or 25 seconds to complete the level you are currently playing.

How do I use a power-up I just got?

• During gameplay, there are buttons on the top right corner for each powerup. Select the power-up you want to use, then tap a planet you want to use it on. If you would like to cancel the use of a power-up, there is an "X" at the bottom of the screen that will cancel it. In addition, tapping a power-up that is available to you that you don't own any of, will open a store window that will allow you to buy whatever and whenever you would like to.

Why are these things attacking the planets?

• There are 3 things that can affect planets besides matching them and powerups. They are:

  • Asteroid – the asteroid launches at the cluster, changing the color of whatever planets it hits.
  • Arcqillian Ships – Arcqillian ships launch at the cluster, darkening any planets it hits. Matching a darkened planet with other planets causes the match to be worth zero points. Darkened planet matches do not cause the rest of the combo to lose any points.
  • Fire Asteroid – A fire asteroid launches at the cluster, starting a planet on fire. Each turn, any planet that is on fire, moves down the cluster by one planet. If a fire planet reaches the bottom of the cluster, it will "fall out" and you will lose. Rotating the cluster can help you prevent this from happening by rotating the cluster to change which direction is down.

What is the Star nova finisher? How do I get one?

• A star nova is a chance for you to get more points on a level by rapidly tapping all the planets you can once the cluster explodes. Points are gained for each planet tapped so tap all the planets you can before the star nova ends. However, in order to get a Star nova, you must clear a non-collection based level with at least 2 stars.

How do I get a Shielding finisher?

• The Shielding finisher will happen in a Collection based level once all the collection goals are met and your score reaches at least one star.


Can I complete the game without purchasing anything?

• Of course you can! The power-ups are available to you as help; you still have to make the right moves.

I bought a Golden Time Bender from the store, how do I use it?

• It is used automatically at the start of each level; it adds 7 moves or 35 seconds depending if it is a move–based or time–based level respectively.

I bought a Silver Time Bender from the store, how do I use it?

• It is used automatically at the start of each level; it adds 3 moves or 15 seconds depending if it is a move–based or time–based level respectively.

I bought a permanent life from the store, how does that work?

• If you buy a permanent life from the store, not only will it add one life to your total but it will replenish your lives. This can be done several times up until a life total of 10 is reached. That means you have twice as many lives as anyone else to use during the day!


I've noticed that on occasion, after playing for a while, the planets lose their patterns, or the game begins to run slowly. Why does it do that?

• If the game ever doesn't look quite right, we recommend restarting your device. Mobile devices, like computers, get bogged down with many processes and programs running in the background and by restarting the device, you are able to force your device to shut down the programs that you don't want running.


How do I give and receive gifts?

• When you run out of lives and try to play another level, you will be prompted to ask for a life from your friends. Once your friend agrees to help you, you will receive a request and you will be able to open a window with all of your requests by tapping on the envelope icon in the top right corner of quest mode. You may choose which gifts to accept by pressing the checkmarks next to each one and pressing the accept button.

Do I have to login via Facebook?

• No, you do not need to log in via Facebook. Logging in through Facebook does offer exclusive rewards such as requesting lives and getting friends to help unlock new levels.

How do I turn off notifications?

• To turn off the notifications from QD3, go into your settings menu and find the QD3 settings. There should be a checkbox that is checked that enables notifications from QD3 to be received by your device. Uncheck that box and you should no longer receive notifications from QD3.