Long ago, the Antarian Solar system was considered to be a system of balance and order.

Within each constellation's protective veil resides hidden renewable resources that power the entire Antarian Solar System. These precious resources breathe life into the planets and their inhabitants. Only highly trained Quantum Dimensional Guardians can unlock and access these resources. These mystic warriors serve as protection from countless enemies, and serve to protect the dimensional balance of existence.

Everything changed with the arrival of the Arcqillians, an ancient enemy. With a hive mentality, the Arcqillians carve themselves into planets in search of resources to power their dark forces. Just as they left their own planet depleted of resources, they leave victim planets desolate and unsalvageable. Hostile and unrelenting, these enemies targeted the renewable resources of the Antarian solar system to power their forces.

From this darkness the H.E.E.L. (Halcyon Extraterrestrial Enlightened League) was born, a coalition of enlightened leaders from various dimensions and planets that have allied to save existence. Led by Commander Laidar, the H.E.E.L. fights countless wars to maintain peace among the galaxies, including against the Arcquillians.

However, this hope did not last. With the loss of one of the H.E.E.L.'s most renowned Guardians through battle, allied planets were left vulnerable to attack. A vicious airstrike almost destroyed the neighboring planet of Contaria, leaving it seemingly lifeless and dark. An ice age was born.
To be continued...

I'm Brena Maze. I am the only survivor left from my planet-- besides my little friend Eeky. I was playing here, in the Ri Mountain when the attacks happened. I've been alone here for 10 cycles now, surviving off the plants and natural heat of these caves the way my mother taught me. My mother was a Healer, and my father was a Guardian. I was born with the ability to make people forget, and throughout the cycles, I've been able to make things move with my mind.

Yesterday is when everything changed. Everyone thought there were no survivors on my planet, until they received a transmission signal–apparently using my gifts somehow had transmitted a signal and Commander Laidar found me. He told me that I displayed the signs of the first Quantum Dimensional Keeper since my father, who had trained to become their greatest Guardian. Now he has asked me to come with him to train–– the H.E.E.L has been desperate for someone with natural gifts like me.

Training starts tomorrow.

Will you join me?