Help save the galaxy! Soar through the constellations and drive out the evil Arcqillians as you restore order to the stars!

Match 3 or more planets to make them disappear, gain points and earn stars! You may move planets in any direction including horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and internally. You can swipe outside the cluster to rotate and find more matches on other sides when you get stuck. Keep a keen eye out for External Influences out in space as they may strike the cluster at any time!

There are several different modes of gameplay that will provide you with hours of enjoyment and many diverse challenges for you to overcome!


  • Kudonian Ship

    Need to quickly remove a problem planet? No sweat! Use a Kudonian ship to remove the planet.

  • Healing Planet

    Use this on any planet with an ailment. The planet will then be cured of any issue. For example, use it on a burning planet and it will be revived back to normal. However, it is not strong enough to heal a lava planet.

  • Time Bender

    Almost beat the level, but just need a few extra moves or a bit more time? Then the Time Bender is just what you need! It will give you 5 extra moves, or 25 extra seconds depending on what type of level you use it on.

  • QMS

    Can't find a match? Get yourself out of a jam using a QMS to scramble the planets. This should give you some points and a new perspective.

  • Oracle

    See a match but can't quite reach the planet you need? This will allow you to go inside the cluster and tap the planets you need.

  • Black Hole

    Want a big boost in score, or maybe you need to catch up on your planet collection? Use the Black Hole and you'll be well on your way. It will clear out all the planets of a paticular color you choose.

  • Halo

    A planet with a halo will give you bonus points when you make a match with it. More halos will give you more points. Be cautious, because each time you don't make a match with a halo planet, it will lose one halo.

  • Anti-Matter

    Clever guardians will discover this particle by making a match of six. Unleashing its power will collect a 3x3x3 section of the cluster.

  • Quasar

    This is gained by making a match of 5 planets in a straight line. When it detonates, it eliminates planets all the way up, down, and across.


Environmental Influence

  • Asteroid

    Whatever planet the asteroid hits will shift colors to become the color of the asteroid.

  • Arcqillian Ship

    Each time an Arcqillian touches down on a planet they make it barren. Making matches with barren planets grants you nothing.

  • Fire Asteroid

    Fire asteroids engulf planets in a scorching blaze. Any planet that is on fire will shift downward each time you make a move. Keep rotating the cluster to keep the blazing planet from falling out.

  • Ice Asteroid

    An ice asteroid will freeze planets. Any planet that is turned to ice can't be moved. In addition, if you don't make a match with a frozen planet, it will spread each time you make a move.



  • Score Mode:

    Every level requires that you reach a minimum score
    to be successful. Each has its own minimum score goal.

  • Moves Mode:

    A move based level will give you a set number of moves to reach all goals within the level. The amount of moves for these levels variesl. There is no time limit with a move based level.

  • Collect the Planets Mode:

    Collect the designated number for each planet color. Afterwords, Kudonian ships rescue planets based on the moves or time remaining once goals are completed

  • Timed Mode:

    Some levels are time based, which means that you must reach the various goals of the level in a specific amount of time. You can make as many moves necessary in a time based level.

  • Hold the Fire Mode:

    A fire planet is already present in this level and will attempt to escape the cluster. Prevent the burning planet from falling out by rotating the cluster.

  • Break the Ice Mode:

    This mode will have atleast one Ice planet to start with. For each turn you don't make a match with an ice planet, the ice will spread. Your goal is to remove all the ice within the cluster before running out of time or moves.